Upcoming Industries In India


What is RANIA53?

RANIA53 is a short form of upcoming industries in India such as robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Nano-Technology, Internet of think, Autonomous and electric vehicle infrastructure, 5G, and 3D printing.


In the modern history of robotics is full of fascinating moments that quickened the fast technological enhancements in artificial engineering, automation engineering, energy storage, and machine learning. The effect replaced the abilities of robots including their ability to obtain tasks already carried out by humans.

Robots are being used in a lot of categories of our life as self-driving, factories, defense, home servants, hospitals, farms, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of computer science regarded with developing smart machines capable of executing duties that typically require human intelligence. It is a simulation of the human process by machines, especially by computer system intelligence.

following are examples of artificial intelligence:

Siri, Alexa, Self-driving cars, Email spam filters, and Image recognition software, etc.

four various passageways that have historically determined the field of AI:

  • Imagining humanly

  • Imagining logically

  • Performing humanly