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Certified online training

Learn Internet of Things

Master the most advanced electronics and automation technology and build projects.

Work From Home

40 Days


Internship Highlights

Learn from home

Beginner friendly

Certificate of Internship

Doubt clearing

Build 4 projects

8 weeks access

Why learn Internet of Things?

IoT helps in developing intelligent real-time industry and domestic applications involving safety, ease of usage, time criticality, entertainment and comfort with the help of Embedded, electronics, electronics, software, software, sensor and communication communication technologies technologies so it opened up lot of career/entrepreneurial avenues for those who are studying electronics, instrumentation, computer science and IT engineering.

Technologies you learn

  • Raspberry Pi, Node Red

  • ESP 8266, ESP 32

  • Cloud Platform: UBIDOTS, Blink Cloud, Arduino Cloud, IFTTT, Adafruit

  • Protocols: MQTT, HTTP, FLASK, SMTP

  • 3D PCB Design software (Designing of SMT Devices)

  • Languages : Python 3, C, C++

Structure Of Internship:

Introduction to IoT

  • What is IoT - In-depth explanation

  • IoT Applications in different domain

  • How large is the IoT Market in different domains?

  • Detailed explanation and work on Hardware components & Interfacing

  • Designing custom made PCB

  • In-Depth Projects On various softwares


Software Technology tools

  • Novel IoT Protocols - MQTT, HTTP

  • Connecting to an Access Point using ESP

  • Dual Modes of ESP, Configuring an ESP

  • Data Acquisition and Transfer

  • Connecting to IoT Platform – UBIDOTS, Blink, Adafruit, Node Red

  • Connecting sensors and Exchanging data

  • Collecting Real-time Data.

  • MQTT, HTTP and FLASK protocol for Communication between devices and software.

  • IFTTT Services in IoT with Google Assistant voice control

  • Data Transfer between Mobile and Controller

Introduction to various allied technologies

  • IoT Elements

  • Sensor Interfaces

  • Sensors and Actuators

  • Cloud Platforms

  • Real time Database

  • IoT Protocols

  • Software Development

  • Hardware development

  • Nodes Gateways

  • Communication Modules - Wired and Wireless


Hardware technology tools

  • ESP Programming

  • ESP Sensor Interfacing

  • Sensor Configuration

  • Various sensors used in IoT applications

  • Raspberry Pi, R-Pi Architecture, R-Pi based Gateway Creation

  • Connecting R-Pi with IoT Platform – Node-Red

  • Connecting Real-time Database with hardware/ sensors.

  • ESP Controller interface

  • PCB Designing using Diptrace software

  • ESP Controller interface

After the program the students should be able to:

  • Understand IoT landscape and all emerging areas to develop products

  • Understand and build IoT applications

  • Learn to work with various IoT platforms

  • Learn to control appliances and devices over Voice.

  • Implement concepts of UI, data handling, and control instructions

  • Emulate real-time IoT application sequence

  • Work on safety and automation tasks in daily life

  • Conceptualize and develop products using IoT Develop confidence of presenting their project/Product

  • Inclination towards entrepreneurship and business opportunities Operation of internship

  • Online

  • Requirement: Mobile /PC/Laptop- with communication platform. About Certification (ISO & MSME Authorized)

  • Internship Appointment letter

  • Internship Completion Certificate

  • Best Intern Award Certification (single individual only)

Best Students who perform well throughout the program will get
"Best Intern Award & Certificate Of Excellence"

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